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New York City Rescue Mission Tutoring: I enjoyed helping by encouraging success and self-esteem by tutoring in website design and production...


Pratt : Adobe FlashCS6: 1
M 2/3 - 4/7 1:00-4:00 PM
call 212-647-7199, cferrara@pratt.edu


Rave Reviews

"I came into the Photoshop class expecting to be overwhelmed, confused and frustrated with not understanding the program. Boy was i WRONG!!! Thanks 2 miss Levitt, i not only learned a lot of valuable information and photoshop techniques, but i had a LOT of fun while doing it!!! Miss L made learning so easy by allowing me to explore my imagination and apply the lessons learned to each project in a unique and personal way. I wish more teachers encouraged their students to think outside the box, learn hands on and find your own way to learn. it was a fun, refreshing and creative way to learn something as technical, complex and challenging as photoshop"

- Oliver S. Reed, Empire State College 2011



"Originally, I didn’t think that I could learn such a program, but thanks to Ms. Levitt, I can truly say that,
today, I am a Flash designer."

Eddie Q. Pratt Institute 2009

"Renee is a wonderful teacher, she does not turn her back on people that do not “get it” right away.  Her class has definitely helped me in my career and confidence."

Valerie C. Pratt Institute 2010

"Renee devotes much time and effort to developing the curriculum and teaching plans for each session. Each class was extremely well organized and packed with useful exercises that were absolutely essential to helping us understand how to correctly and efficiently design and build in Flash. Renee was able to aptly address all of our questions. She went the extra mile to offer personal attention whenever we needed it. On several occasions I emailed her with in-depth questions about a Flash project I was working on for my job in Communications at Columbia. She always responded within hours with an accessible explanation and solution. The project was a tall order for a beginner, but with Renee’s help I not only completed it but have also received numerous compliments and created something that has become an extremely useful and standout part of my organization’s website."

Becky L. Columbia 2010

"In the autumn of 2009, I took an introductory course in Flash with Ms. Levitt at Pratt Institute. By the time the course concluded weeks later, I was adept at Flash. Ms. Levitt was organized and prepared for each class; her instruction was
clear and thorough; she was patient and helpful when students needed help or had questions. Even after the course concluded and as I have been working in Flash since then, I have been able to contact Ms. Levitt for more help when necessary.
It is without reservation that I would recommend Ms. Renee Levitt as a Flash instructor. In addition to her exceptional abilities as an instructor, Ms. Levitt has a pleasant disposition and stays current on new innovations intechnology."

Brice H.

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